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Solutions in Earth Management

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Welcome to our eStore. Here you will find items sold at our online store. All products are packaged and can be shipped/delivered locally. An expected drying time is important for any wood product. Movement of this natural medium is expected and should be anticipated during the time it acclamates to your home. All sales are final. Orders can be cancelled up to 3 days after order. Any orders placed but not accepted will be charged a restocking fee. A restocking fee is applied to all returns. Quality is our priority.  Our pricing varies from season to season, species of wood to size of wood or cut. Call for pricing details.

Kiln Dried Firewood

We sell seasoned kiln dried firewood. Our hardwoods are cut, split and kiln dried and ready to burn the same day. This type of firewood is great for restaurants & brick-fired ovens, indoor storage purposes, or the satisfaction that your firewood is proven to be below standard moisture levels. All of our wood goes through a rigorous moisture testing before sale. We also sell air dried firewood at a lesser cost.







Slab Wood

We have a large variety of slab wood. Our slab wood comes from local tree farms, reclaimed or neglected timber, residential removals, specialty trees and species that come from suppliers with a greener footprint.  Most orders are specific, all measurements and quantities are an approximate count and measure. Most items in this section need to be part of a proceesing period in order to assure quality wood with as littl enatural defects as possible. Consumer excepts all responsibilities once order is received.
Hardwood Planks For Flooring
Above,  is one of our best sellers. (Softwood) Our Southern Yellow pine has denser qualities than White Oak and has many different uses.  Our wide plank flooring is a favorite and popular style in the recent years. Other sizes and cuts of wood are available. Please inquire.

Compost Soil

Our compost soil is U.S. Composting Council STA Certified Compost. It is a ground tree product which is screened, and herbicide and pesticide free. This soil is great for lawn ammendments, lawn installation and rasied garden beds. We deliver 4, 8, 12 cubic yard loads.
Triple Shred Hardwood Mulch
Reasons for using mulch:

We Sell Smart Mulch! Our Mulch Is So Smart It Makes Your Water Smart! Our Mulch Directly Delivers Water To The Roots Of Your Plants, Where Its Needed Most. With No Waste Or Runoff!

Mulch minimizes evaporation, reduces weed growth, slows erosion and helps prevent soil temperature fluctuations. Organic mulch such as wood chips or bark is best, and although this mulch will decompose slowly over time, it will improve the soil by adding nutrients. The use of landscape fabric is not recommended. Fabric will cause organic mulch to slide, and prevent air and water from filtering into the soil. Runoff will be increased. Inorganic mulch, such as rock, should be used sparingly. Surrounding a home with rock will increase the temperatures, making the environment too warm for plants and people.
Trees, Plants, Shrubs

Our online nursery is currently under construction. We have a very large selection of trees, plants, and shrubs. Whether you need drought tolerent or deer resistant, we have your plant material. We also offer pricing for installation. All of our plant material is grown locally with local venders. .
We have a great river rock for most landscape applications.
Our river rock is a washed stone and great for landscape or hardscape applications. We deliver by the ton for the Raleigh/Durham area. Please note that this stone is for decorative purposes, and may not be best for replenishing driveways or parking areas.
Engineered Soils

We have some of the best engineered soils in the area. When nature doesn't give you what you need, we can! Our engineered soils are designed to maximize your production in the garden, on the lawn, or on the fairway. Our engineered soil is created by mixing a screened topsoil with our great finished compost soil.  As you can see in the picture below, the soil is a dark chocolate color and ready to be on deck for your next project.
  Rustic Fireplace Mantles
When you want that rustic feel, cozy up with a book in front of the fireplace with one of our rustic fireplace mantles. We have a wide selection of features; hand-hewned, reclaimed, sustainable timber, hand-scraped, and for the ambitious creatures who recently cut a tree down in the front yard, we can accomodate all of your needs.  All of our trees were either reclaimed, part of a sustainable timber farm, salvaged, and/or individually owned. A drying period for all wood that is not already dry is expected. For spectacular wood like this, we may need to locate, cut and dry the wood before it is hung or used. The same drying can occur at your home, covered and dried in your own back yard if you wish. We offer a kiln drying service at an additional expense.

Stone Products
We have a large collection of stone materials and products, including pavers and retaining block. We also provide a delivery and excavation service beyond the sales. Please communicate your preference and we can discuss cost and options further.
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