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Partner with us for green living solutions. Whether you are a part of the forward motion of green living building materials and methods or just a D.I.Y.'er, we have over 25 years of leading the industry in Landscape Architecture, Grading, Clearing, Reclaimed/Sustainable Timber Acquisition and products, as well as an impressive collection of hardscape/landscape designs with an emphasis on customer input and satisfaction.  

Our collection of designers, architects, engineers, contractors and owners allow us to provide outstanding solutions in meeting both aesthetic and durablility requirements of each project, residential or commercial. Our support in terms of providing samples, specifications, construction details, and budgets is unparalled in our industry.

We service residential and commercial properties and clients, from Realtors in need of sprucing up a property before a sale, to the average consumer ready to take advantage of our specialized services in property beautification. We can customize the outdoor kitchen with the rustic charm of hand hewn timber, native to North Carolina soil or retake the over grown, all too wild, natural area in the back yard. Maximize your outdoor living space for the entire family to enjoy, while focusing on minimal ground impact and maximum customer satisfaction.

Learn how you can become a part of the Destra family with your specific personalized solutions package for your next earth management project.  

Call 919-521-5753 to set up a fee-free consult or go online instead of inline, and send us a messgae on our contact us page. Thanks!